Saturday, March 9, 2013

What is the Child-Friendly Beach Resort in Cebu

While Europe is now experiencing cold season, here in Bantayan Island the summer is approaching. The sky is clear, the water is blue while the sand is pure white.

Why Bantayan Island is best beach island for family? Well this is almost 2 kilometer white sand public beach managed and protected by locals to preserve their number 1 industry.

Our family visited the island  2 weeks ago. Here I enjoyed practicing photography using Nikon DSLR camera D3200. The shot here was not perfect but i think its good for beginner. I am looking actually for photography training school.

Lastly the beach is perfect for family and kids  because the shore do not have sudden deep portion. Here, our baby boy was left alone with little sister playing for more than 3 hours in the shore.

No worry and issues as long as your kid have briefing. They are regular beach goer and first time to visit Bantayan Island.  Here are 5 reason why this island is family friendly.

  1. Sea shore is safe at low tide. You can see the picture how this 7 years old play alone.
  2. Affordable family rooms. Yes its true, you will only cost 1500 to 1800 per family room with 2 beds. Here we stay at beach front known as Mayet Resort. We are 2 family there, with aircon and television. As i scout for room rates with consideration on cleanliness and beach front then i recommends SUGAR BEACH AND Kota beach resort for affordability and customer friendly resort. well i must say i have been 2x and plan to have 5x. The Kota beach have non aircon room for only P800 they have perimeter so it is safe and ready food for visitors.
  3. Food are always available either on the resort but also in the town proper which is less than 1 kilometer. The morning is perfect time to buy seafood's like fresh fishes, lobster meat, crabs and even squids. You can ask the resort crew to cook for your breakfast at minimal fee.
  4. People are friendly and total 100% safe. Most of the visitors usually foreigner are just walking either day or night. No violence record. People living here are all peace loving. Its actually the foreigner who make the noise when they get drunk
  5. Transportation within the island. - You can rent motorcycle for 300 per day or rent a bicycle for 150 pesos. You can hire tricycle for P200 or rent a multicab for P2000 to P3000 per day depending in your target location.
  6. Facilities - The swimming pool here are few since they favor beaches but for other activity, you can have island hopping in their famous virgin island. You can also ren boat for 100 pesos and do kayaking. If you really looks for beach and swimming pool then Ogtong Resort is perfect for you. They are little expensive since the resort is modernize. Is is humor that this resort is owned by Lucio Tan  family. Here you will enjoy eat all you can seafoods.

  7. How to get here? If you are foreigner living in US or Canada then you probably look for the
    travel guides once you landed in the airport of Cebu. You can actually find van rental services if you  are 10 person below but if you are just couple then why not take a ride on aircondition bus going to San Remegio Warf for P150.

    Since the travel time is 3 hours and there are cut off time for Shipping transportation in the island, you should stay in one of the cleanest and safe hotel in Cebu. Better if it is within the vicinity of Ayala (so you can enjoy drinking with visitors too) and i do recommends wellcomehotel which is walking distance from Ayala Mall. This high tech hotel is a newly build hotel with facilities like restaurant, swimming pool, spa, conference room and more. You can ask or call them  so they can pick up you from airport with this number (032) – 268 7002 PLDT. Get the number here

    Visit bantayan island this summer and enjoy a non commercial beach resort with level of enjoyment equal to Boracay island at affordable prices.
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Tempting Seafood in This Spring

A lot of hotels, restaurants and eateries are offering casual foods for many years today. So if you need to try yourself with new seafood products, make sure you have the appropriate choice of fresh lobster meat served by seafood restaurant.

The main trip is to introduce brand new dishes at affordable prices. However, people would come and get a slice for new restaurant specialty when it is good, without a doubt even it is pricey. Tempting Lobster and Crab Seafood in This Spring