Saturday, May 23, 2009

The future of Outsourcing Industry in the Philippines

Our country, the Philippines, gets underway with its outsourcing industry and it is booming and getting prolific every now and then. Philippine outsourcing industry today and beyond seems significant and fruitful due to the efforts of our government officials to have this kind of job in our country that caters to the qualified Filipinos who have possessed abilities and talents in telecommunications, etc. Perchance, it forks out today and beyond the times, giving so much jobs to the Filipinos who ought to survive or take part in their day-to-day subsistence.

While India is number one in call center industry and they are UK's favorite. The reason is simply, the Indian are former colony of this Giant country so they have facilities and interest there.

In the future, other countries specially US, Australia and New Zealand will become Philippine Outsourcing Customers.

For those working in a call center like me. Congratulation for we will become part of the History..

Friday, May 22, 2009

Maubanin Visits Cebu Beach

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Latest Business Trends in the Philippines

1. Back office outsourcing services range from human resources, software, web, accounting to front office outsourcing where customer relations are engaged through call center services. Given the requirements of your firm, you can also go on offshore outsourcing to another country with ease. This is something the local should start thinking how they can help professional get their occupation.

2. What is Sampling. Sampling since most scientific phenomenon consists of a large number of units, an investigator can not always interview, test or observe each unit under the controlled conditions. Sampling solves the problem for they help researcher select representative units for which he can gather data that permits him to draw inferences about the nature of the entire population.

3. What is virtual assistant and what are the skills needed. A virtual assistant is an individual or a company that provides administrative, technical, financial, legal and marketing assistance to clients based from a home or office. Supporting other businesses, virtual assistants are a good venue for outsourcing, to free companies off processes that will greatly require maintenance both in technology and workforce, if done in their premises.

4. Virtual assistants can arrange schedules so that the client will have enough time to perform his job in the office and spend more time at home. They can prepare important documents for their clients and make sure that the documents are worded properly and imply what the client wants to communicate. They can assist the clients in every way possible as long as it’s in-line with their role and that it meets their occupation. All this leads to a more enjoyable, productive and less-stressful professional and personal life.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lebron James is NBA MVP in this Season

Lebron James MVP
No one notice that news when Lebron James become the NBA season MVP.
LeBron James claimed the Most Valuable Player award last monday which held the ceremony in the high school high school where he became famous.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star won what some expected to be a close vote in a slam dunk. He received 109 of a possible 121 first-place votes to easily outdistance Kobe Bryant and Wade from Miami Heat.

Congrats and sorry James it is Paquiao Mania today and the rest of the month