Friday, March 27, 2009

Palay Prices Drop During Summer

Farmers of this town where the rice harvest has just begun are complaining of a sharp drop in the prices of palay.

During a “field day” hosted by SL Agritech to promote the China-produced SL8 variety in Munoz, this town last March 25, farmer Jolly Anquillano lamented that last week when he sold palay, the price was P15 per kilo, but when he sold palay again last March 24, the price was down to P13.50.

He said he was able to sell his palay at that price only because he agreed to take payment after two weeks. For those who wanted to be paid immediately, the price was only P13, he said.

He reported that last March 25, the cash price further dipped to P12.50.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Do You Want to see Side A Live

Opening Act by 'IN HEAT' - Manila's hottest show band!

No other band in the Philippines can surpass the popularity of Side A. They have captured a wide audience breaking all barriers between market classes and any music genre. A multi-awarded and certified platinum recording artiste, Side A is considered as the most durable band in the Philippines today and continues to be an ever-innovative musical force in the industry.

As the Philippines’ premiere band, they inspired a lot of up and coming groups and helped shape the course of band scene in the country today. Known for their romantic ballads and sold out live performances, Side A continues to capture the hearts of many after more than a decade since they started. The secret of their success is being true to themselves, their faith, their music and their fans.

D’Marquee, DowntownEast

12 April 2009 (3.00pm)

1hr & 30mins

Ticket Price:
Early Bird (Limited to 1st 500 tickets - Free Standing): $25.00
VIP (seated): $47.00

In case your in Lucky Plaza on Sundays you can get your ticket
Call: +65 8213-8969

Email : pinoy_advertise@
Mobile : SMS +65 8213-8969

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

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