Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mauban Can Compete to the best

I have been in Mactan Island of the famous Shangrila Hotel, I have been in
Tambuli Beach Resorts in Lapu Lapu City, Cebu Province. I have been in Ormoc City all the way to Bicol of the famous mayon volcano. I have been in Mistique Siquijor Island. Sa Maniwala kayo sa hindi mistique talaga siya. Huwag kang pupunta ng mag-isa baka hindi kana makauwi ng single or sa pamilya mo. (joke lang) I have been on bohol, touring the island for 48 hours. I have been to Malapascua Island, the boracay of Cebu. And gosh ang lalaki ng mga foreigner's "?". Ang sarap dun pare. Sure ko maeenjoy ka hindi lang sa island pati na rin sa mga foreign visitors he he he. Well my point is our beloved town Mauban specially the Cagbalete Island can compete.. Magtayo kalang ng mga similar hotel and restaurant. Night life bars etc etc etc.
Kaya niyang maging world class. Diba picture pa lang world class na

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Central Quezon Academy

I just heard a news that my Alma mater is now closing. Central Quezon Academy is previously one of the best Catholic high school in Mauban. It was run by the a highly professional families at least during our time way back 1990's.

We have 4 sections for forth year and more sections in lower year. This year, i heard that this school is closing because of financial difficulties. I never thought that crisis will reach this far town of Southern Luzon.

I just hope that there is a new investor who are will to pay for the school.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Amazing Pictures

amazing pictures
I just pass by a site that collect amazing pictures. To my surprise he also include
these pictures about cars or vehicles being pulled by animals.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cagbalete is the boracay of Mauban

mauban beaches
cagbalete island
beach in mauban
white sand in quezon

beach in quezon

Whta they said about cagbalete?

1. The Guys4Mountains, Inc. truly enjoyed last weekend's trip and we look forward to returning again soon.Thank you for being such gracious and hospitable host/hostess to us.Our stay may be short but the memories will be in our hearts for a long time.

2. We went to the island early part this year.
Would like to share pictures and you may post pic#39 which i believe is great!
Have referred your site to my friends. m/12/Cagbalete_Island_2008

3. Thank you for having us. Cagbalete is such a clean and beautiful place, a grand escape from the city. The guys4mountains truly enjoyed our overnight weekend at Villa Cleofas. We're coming back for a longer weekend at the end of the month.

We're hoping the island folk continue to maintain its cleanliness and natural beauty. We have seen and heard from a distance the dynamite fishermen destroying the environment. There must be something we can do, maybe collaborate with other organizations and the local government?

4. Joan Oliveros:
hello! share ko lang po yung photos namin nung bumisita kami sa villa cleofas. um/87/cagbalete_island_april_2008

5. Berto:

HOw much budget should i alot para pumunta diyan....kasama na po lahat ha, fare (from manila po ako, pasig city) back and fort, food, and accomodation, then yung entrance yung sa resort, and some amenities....kindly gave me a sample breakdown..balak po namen is 3 days and 2 nights, maximum of 4 lang kame....pero baka 2 nga lang eh..kasi treat ko lang yun.... thanks! hope for quick response, your spot seems awesome!!

6. bluebliss:
hello,im planning to get married next year and we're looking for a nice place to have a beach wedding,do you accept guys such events?what are the services you could offer and how much...Thanks

7. Reena Gabriel:
Hi.. If we go there, do we need to make reservations? if yes, with whom? and if we get the tents, is there a common toilet and bath we can use? In the site, it says meals can be prepared for a minimum of 10 pax. How about if there's only 3 of us? Please email me.. thank you!

To see more, find it here

Dingdong LLAMAS

Mauban Progress Check it out

Maubanin in United States

My name is Xandro V. Deligente. I was born in Mauban,Quezon Philippines on December 27, 1972. I am the third children of Mr. and Mrs. Mario Deligente. My parents are both government employees. My mother was a teacher; she teached in Mauban South Elementary School. My mother passed away on April 1992. My father is a retired employee in Municipal of Mauban, Quezon. He retired two years ago and he wants to spend most of his time in our home town in Mauban Quezon.

I've been living in the United States more than twelve years now. I stayed in my aunt house for five years here in Brooklyn, NY. When I got married I moved to my in-laws residence in Jamaica, Queens. We move to Staten Island , New York on December of 2005, it is very convenient for my wife and I here in Staten Island, New York. My favorite Sports are Basketball, Baseball, and Tennis. My hobbies are Internet, Computer Programming, cooking, books and many more. My favorite tv show, well I don't know what is my favorite tv show; I guess its cartoons specially Tom and Jerry.

I went to Mauban South Elementary School in Mauban, Quezon. I graduated on March 1985. In high school I went to Quezon National School Of Arts and Trade. I graduate high school on April 1989 and I am the 7th honor of class 1989. After my high school I went to Manila to pursue my college degree. I decided to go to Technological Institute of the Philippines located in Cubao, Quezon City. I graduated on April of 1991 with an Associate Degree in Engineering. On September of 1998 I decided to go to St.Johns University which is located in Jamaica,Queens New York. I graduated in St. Johns University on May, 19, 2002 with B.S. degree in Computer Science.

I have one sister and two brothers. My sister name is Christine Kho. She is married to Arnold Kho. The Kho's couple has one daugther, her name is Kate Kho. The couple are living in United Kingdom. My sister graduated with B.S. degree in Nursing. She currently working in United Kingdom together with her husband. My older brother name is Nicanor Harold L. Deligente. He graduated with a B.S. degree in Architecture. He married to Joy San Buenaventura, who has a B.S. degree in Civil Engineer. My brother worked in Dubai for two years and his family currently residing in Novaliches Quezon City Philippines. My youngest brother name is Czardo L. Deligente. He has an Associate degree in Marine Engineering. He is currently working in Zozima company base in Zwitzerland.He just got married this May 8, 2006 to Adele Penaojas.

Reprint from

Seldom i found a Maubanin in the internet. So he deserve to be called as one of the successful Maubanin. I mean they run they own site or blog and not friends, myspace, youtube etc. By the way the younger Deligente is my elementary classmate way back in Mauban South Elementary School. He is my partner in a local game know as SIPAAN. We do that game every afternoon only stop when one of the classmate was rush to hospital. Both brothers are basketball fanatics as they became team competitor in basketball league in Daungan where i used to play in Central Team.

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