Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Governor Nantes oppose division of Quezon

Gov. Rafael Nantes finally broke his silence yesterday and declared his strong opposition to the proposed division of Quezon into two provinces - Quezon del Norte and Quezon del Sur.

At the Palarong Quezon provincial athletic meet at
the San Narciso Central School here, Nantes called on the people of
Quezon who" truly love their province" to vote a resounding "No" during
the Dec. 13 plebiscite on Republic Act No. 9495 which calls for the
split of Quezon provided affirmed by the voters.

The governor said he remained silent about the issue
during the past several months because he concentrated on bringing
development projects to all parts of Quezon, particularly the
construction of 330 school rooms and improvement of infrastructure
projects all over the province.

Nantes cited a passage from the Holy Bible about
King Solomon and two mothers who bitterly contested for custody of a
child. Earlier, the mother, whose child died, swapped her dead baby
with a live child whose mother was sleeping. When the mother woke up
and discovered what happened, she appealed to King Solomon who
immediately called the other mother to return the baby.

But the other mother refused to return the baby. So
King Solomon ordered the baby to be split into two to satisfy the two

The true mother objected to the king’s
decision and said she would agree to give her baby to the other mother
just to let her child remain undivided and alive. Hearing this, Solomon
declared "you are the true mother and you truly love your child because
you don’t want your child to be divided!"

Nantes told 5,000 residents, public officials,
teachers, athletes and students at the Palarong Quezon that "those who
don’t want to divide Quezon are those who truly love their

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kalbario Visitors

Rizal park or Kalbario is the name of this place>
It has more than 100 steps to get to the top which is good
for exercise specially for us who are above 30's.
On the other hand, you could see in the background the pacific ocean.
This is the reason why Mauban is frequently visited by typhoon
I still remember, big typhoon always arrive during November

Enjoying Rizal Park

Well this one is Maubanin having vacation in Bohol
probably in Cebu Beach Club. This beach is comparable to Boracay
because of white sand, cleanliness and hospitality.

I hope they post the name of the resort. To encourage other Maubanin
to visit the best of Bohol and perhaps in Central Visayas

Catholic Church bishop supports Quezon separtion

During a rally held here, organizers pursuing the creation of Quezon del Sur said it will materialize due to the way the campaign is being conducted and with the support of a Catholic Church bishop and several church-based organizations and civic groups.

Former Pitogo, Quezon Mayor Rafael Glinoga said the third district of Quezon could muster 100 percent "yes" votes.

A mayor in the fourth district of Quezon said the area could give 75 percent yes votes in favor of the creation of Quezon del Sur.

Political analysts in the province estimated that in the first district of Quezon, 70 percent yes votes could be achieved. In Lucena City, 80 percent yes votes could be expected, and the 60 percent yes votes from the other towns of the second district of Quezon.

Proponents said it will be their turn to have their own province, to bring the government and its services closer to the people.

Mayors and local officials in the rally unanimously endorsed to President Arroyo former Quezon Rep. Aleta Suarez as interim governor in case Quezon del Sur is created in the plebiscite.

CONGRATULATION TO THE MOVEMENT FOR THE SEPARATION OF QUEZON PROVINCE. Mga Maubanin sa malayong lugar support your resolution.

Maubanin in Australia

Maubanin in Australia
This is one Maubanin in Australia.
She is one of my favorite classmate because
She is cute during high school days ha ha ha.
Cute panaman ngayon, medyo malusog lang.

Successful Maubanin
Together with her family,
Haidee is one of the bright alumni of CQA

Friday, November 21, 2008

Holloween of Maubanin who settled in Cebu

This is the picture taken during All souls day in Talisay City

This is Lance help me in cleaning my skygo motorcycle.
He love to ride and travel.
He even turn and drive the motor alone that is
why he got some cratches. Luckily no major injury.

This two Cebuanos are eating Kalamay from Bohol
Its the specialty of Boholano selling in Cebu.
The Kalamay was packed inside coconut shell in being sell at
P25 to P30 each

Rizal Park Mauban

Mauban is nature perfect but leaders seems forget them

Pansit Habhab from Mauban

Me enjoying the local delicacy, Mauban, Mauban Off The Beaten Path, photo, picture, image

Mauban Market

Mauban, Mauban Transportation, photo, picture, image