Saturday, June 22, 2013

Calisthenics Health Program

When I was just getting started with bodyweight training, I thought that all I needed to do was pushups, pullups, and body weight squats. So I did all of them, got good at these kinds of workouts, and then struck a plateau.

My partner and i went through many free bodyweight programs and many of them were relatively the same. I needed something new, and something more complete. It wasn't until I purchased Coach EddieLomax's Workout Without Weights manual that my personal bodyweight training quest really began.

In a previous article, I said that there were in fact 7 different forms associated with bodyweight training. Mentor Lomax's eBook covers Several out of the 7 techniques: basic bodyweight instruction, calisthenics, plyometrics, and animal coaching.

What is Calisthenics Training?

It is very important to make a distinction between all the various forms of body weight exercise because each method can be used for a specific purpose. Basic bodyweight exercises such aspushups, pullups, and bodyweight squats can be used for general strength and conditioning.

Calisthenics training, on the other hand, is much more of a cardio-type form of workout. I go much deeper in to the difference between bodyweight and calisthenics training in a previous post.

Because I personally dislike steady state aerobic, I tend to use weight and other training methods to replace the necessity for cardio. But besides my personal distaste for steady state cardio, there are other extremely important benefits to using intense calisthenics training as a type of cardio:

The Benefits of Calisthenics

One of the greatest benefits of Calisthenics is improved cardiorespiratory endurance, which is the ability of one's body to gather, process, supply, and sustain o2 to produce the energy needed for the successful completing a particular activity.

* It's characterized by a healthy and also efficient heart and lung. Cardiorespiratory (aerobic) endurance is probably more valuable than fat loss or perhaps muscle gain, however is one of the least talked about aspects of fitness.
* If you have greater cardio staying power, then you can simply do more for a longer period of time. This kind of improves your ability to perform in sports, perform, and life activities. Should you combine basic calisthenics actions with bodyweight coaching, then you will be able train your muscles while training your heart and lungs.
* This will help perform other physical exercises better. Most people obtain winded and worn out trying to perform merely tasks such as training boxes up the stairways or trying to catch a bus.
Well, these actions require both physical fitness and cardio stamina. Many gym rodents will often face damage because they fatigue very easily. When your body fatigues from heavy weight training, it is actually a sign of poor recovery.
* Parts of your muscles are not being shipped the proper amount of o2 for full healing. Fatigue leads to bad form, which in turn contributes to injury. Overall, you will end up much healthier if your heart and lungs are healthier.
* Cardio conditioning basically enables you to improve your ability to live life to the fullest. On the flip side, many people are brainwashed into believing that there is a specific "target heart rate zone," which effectively helps you burn off fat and improve cardiovascular endurance.
* This is false and no such zone exists. Athletes with the very best cardio endurance - a balance of wholesome heart and lung function along with good physical fitness - are ones that participate in high intensity exercise, for example sprinters.
* In short, teach hard to last longer. Yet be warned, bodyweight calisthenics work outs are very intense as well as difficult. You should gradually build yourself as much as it, especially if you have been spending most of your time following the easy, bring cardio workouts published in many magazines.

Sample Calisthenics Workouts

Coach Lomax covers a great number of calisthenics movements. Some of them you have heard of and perhaps have even performed just before. But many will be brand-new to you.

Here's a list of the Calisthenic movements that Trainer Lomax will teach you:

* Divided Jump
* Jumping Jacks
* Simulated Jumping rope
* Standing Twist
* Attain and Bend
* The actual Windmill
* High Knees
* Jogging in Place

Calisthenics movements will certainly seem easy to an individual, however the key is to do them for period. You can start off by performing each workout for 60 seconds, after that moving straight to the subsequent movement.

This circuit style workout will be far more fun and exiting then a traditional sort of cardio workout. Once you acquire good at these fundamental calisthenics movements, you can start to understand Animal Calisthenics movements which usually places greater force on your heart, bronchi, and muscles.